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The Ordinary 3.2N serum foundation

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Serum Foundations and Full Coverage are lightweight medium-coverage formulations available in a comprehensive shade range across 21 shades.


These foundations offer moderate coverage that looks natural with a very lightweight serum feel.


They are very low in viscosity and are dispensed with the supplied pump or with the optional glass dropper available for purchase separately if preferred.


The pigments used in this format are treated for a rich, highly-saturated effect.


These pigments are suspended in our proprietary spreadability system that allows pigments to look natural on the skin, resist collecting within fine lines and stay on for longer.


The foundations offer a semi-matte finish and are compatible with most primers and are designed to work exceptionally well with the primers offering from The Ordinary..


Please note that the formulations are and will be the same in all markets but the packaging will claim SPF 15 only in the European Union while regulatory processes for claiming SPF in other markets are carried out individually.


Each foundation format is available in 21 shades.


The shades are divided into three categories:


1 for fair to lighter tones,


2 for medium tones;


3 for darker tones.


Each category is then classified further by a second digit from 0 to 3 to indicate depth within each category.


Finally, a letter is added to the shade code to identify the undertone: P (Pink) and R (Red) indicate cool undertones for lighter and darker shades respectively; N indicates a Neutral tone; Y indicates a Yellow undertone.


Each shade code has a descriptive name as well


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