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Beauty by limeade

Ketones To Order Whatsapp +971529054739

Ketones To Order Whatsapp +971529054739

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To order please whatsapp us as all ketone orders are done via whatsapp +971529054739, this way we can have a one on one chat about the ketones and help an guide you


The best part you do not need to be keto to use these. 

Did you know the Ketones we sell at Limeade beauty are the ONLY naturally fermented ketones in the WORLD & the ONLY bio-identical to the ketones our bodies naturally produce!?!?

Mix with 12-24oz of water, shake & drink over the span of 30-45 mins!

• elevates mental clarity & focus

• mega appetite control

• regulates digestion, hormones & metabolism

• clean sustainable energy

• boosts natural ketone production

• supports fat loss

Benefits: Fat loss, muscle preservation, better sleep, skin, mood, focus, energy, digestion, mental clarirty, appetite control



Mexican nats




Nat lites available 

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