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Breakout Vs Purging

Skin purging is an initial reaction of your skin to a new ‘active ingredients’ in a product that fastens the cell turnover rate thus making the invisible ‘pre-cooked’ pimple pop out faster than it supposed to be.

Breakout is an inflammatory reaction of your skin due to irritation of clogged pores (dead skin cells, ingrown hair, occlusive products, oil)

So, why skin purging happens?

Skin purging occurs because the active ingredients product that you used accelerate the cell turnover of your skin (that normally occur for 28 days)

Some comedones (clogged pores) aren’t visible to the eye because it lies deep within the skin, however, when it rises to the surface of your skin and get more contact with the air and prone to irritation, inflammation occurs easier and ‘BOOM!’ acne pops out

So that’s why it makes sense that skin purging happen after a few days you started using your products. It speed up the ‘invisible’ microcomedone to the surface of your skin

What skin care product that may causes ‘purging reaction’?

Products that accelerate the skin cell’s turnover are the only product that causes PURGING.

Remember! There’s no such thing such as skin purging from a moisturizer, sunscreen, or cleansers with no active ingredients

Top – bottom from the most-least common

Retinoids, Tretinoin, or any Vitamin A derivatives. These are common ingredients in antiaging products, therefore you should expect this to happen when you started using ‘anti-aging’ products Vitamin C derivatives. Especially the one with higher concentrations Hydroxy acids (lactic, glycolic, salicylic, mandelic, natural fruit acids, etc). This commonly found in a chemical exfoliator or peeling pad Physical scrubs (sugar, salt, tea leaves)

So, what should you do with your products when you have either skin purging or breakouts?

Purging : Keep on going! After almost a month you should see a significant improvement on your skin condition (long-lasting improvement). Just make sure not to pick out your acne so you don’t have to further deal with the ‘HYPERPIGMENTATION’ after effect

Breakouts : Ditch your new product and use you old-time gentle favorite products that helps to relieve the stress and irritation that been caused by the new one

What are the main hints to help in differentiating skin purging and breakouts?

Purging: It will only exacerbate acne on areas where you are commonly breaking out on. It will makes the area you have most concern with look worse for a while

Breakouts: when you commonly have breakouts on forehead ONLY and you happen to have a sudden breakout on your jawline or cheek area (anywhere that are used to be clear)

Time Purging: Maximum effect last for around 1 month. When it lasts longer it might actually breakouts that camouflaging into a purging reaction

Breakouts: It just keep on going forever until you stop using the product or either form a sort of immunity to it

tips on dealing with this dilemma

Incorporate new products one by one. Don’t confuse your skin and yourself with tons of new products. It makes it hard to point out which product causing which reaction Introduce active ingredients slowly. Start with lesser frequency and amount and increase gradually. This will put on a ‘brake’ on the purging effect so it will goes slower than starting it on full ‘dose’ Be patient. Use the product for at least 3 weeks before judging their effectiveness. Don’t be freaked out from your initial skin reaction and ditch product that would actually turn your skin for the better in the long run. Give it a 3-4 weeks chance to prove themselves Keep your skin on their best state. Make sure that it stay moisturized. Never forget to put on sunscreen during the day while introducing ‘active’ products to reduce more inflammation and damage into your skin

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