Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

Ditch the Scale and Embrace True Keto Progress!


I know many of us have been there - stepping on the scale every day, feeling the ups and downs, and letting that number dictate our mood. But guess what?

The scale is NOT your best friend on this keto, low carb better your healthy journey!

👉 Here’s why I suggest putting that scale on the back burner:
1️⃣ Water Weight Madness: Keto often involves fluctuations in water weight, which can make the scale go up and down like a rollercoaster. It’s frustrating and doesn’t reflect your true progress!
2️⃣ Focus on Measurements: Instead, let’s shift our focus to something more reliable - your measurements! Grab a tape measure and track how your body is changing. Sometimes the inches lost are way more satisfying than the pounds.
3️⃣ Clothes Don’t Lie: Pay attention to how your clothes fit. That snug pair of jeans or that dress you couldn’t zip up before? These are powerful indicators of your progress.
4️⃣ Overall Well-being: Most importantly, consider how you’re feeling overall. Are you experiencing increased energy, mental clarity, and improved health? These non-scale victories are the real wins of keto!
So, I challenge you to step away from the scale and only hop on it once a month, or even less. Trust the process, trust your body, and celebrate all those NSVs (Non-Scale Victories) along the way!
Did you know your weight can fluctuate daily, you could have gained 5 pounds, but come on we all know in reality that you didn't gain 5 pounds of fat.
  • instead you gain weight from a number of sources as depicted in the diagram above. here is another example below showing that you didn't actually gain 3-5 pounds of fat, but you did probably gain 3-5 pounds of weight.... and that's fine.... do you know why because you didn't gain fat.


  • so remember when you say you want to drop 10kg in WEIGHT just remember these factors next time. you want to drop FAT not weight.
  • So im advising you to ditch the scales, yes that's right throw them away!!! and go grab a tape measure, and your phone to take photos and measurements make a note in a diary and check over time you will start to notice INCH loss AKA fat loss (i will explain more about taking measurements and photos in another section) and keep track and lets not forget you will probably go through the fat whoosh ( FAT WHOOSH explained here