The Fat Whoosh

Let’s talk about the WHOOSH phenomenon.
Have you ever eaten really, really well only to see the scale goes up or doesn’t move at all?? To keep things simple your body doesn’t know you are initially not consuming the same amount of food. It’s in a calorie deficit.
The body is doing it’s job responding to the environment you created by retaining water. 
It essentially is waiting for you to go back to old habits so you fill the fat cells back up with fat!! This water retention makes fat take on a squishy consistency.
This also occurs when dieting. Which can appropriately be called “squishy fat”. This is water retention which occurs when you are maintaining a caloric deficit, it’s your fat cells being emptied of triglyceride as your body breaks it down for energy. However, as this happens, the fat cells end up temporarily filling back up again with water.
This is why many report their clothes fitting better but have seen little movement on the scale at first.
In effect, this means that the fat cells do not immediately shrink. There is also no immediate decrease or slight gain in body weight, due to water uptake offsetting the actual fat that was burned.
Then, after a period of time, the fat cells will suddenly flush all of the water that they’re holding and finally shrink down.
This is the WHOOSH taking place. Then, when the whoosh occurs, all of that squishy fat suddenly tightens up. You immediately look a lot leaner, and your scale weight drops considerably.
So, in reality, you have actually been consistently burning fat the entire time, but it will only become obvious after these whooshes, since that is when your scale weight drops and everything tightens up. 💪🏻
Hope this helps everyone understand how our body’s react to change and why you might notice 1st notice the scale move but you body is changing shape and clothes are fitting better. It’s a natural part of the process.
To keep an accurate record of you fat loss, take measurements